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About Us

At 1ENC Pride, we are committed to creating a safe, supportive and empowering home for the local LGBTQIA+ community in Eastern North Carolina. We believe in a world where all people are free to express their gender identity and sexual orientation with pride.

Our Initiatives

  • Host social gatherings and networking events for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies to connect, celebrate and have fun. Some of our past events include the first-ever New Bern Pride Prom, a gender-inclusive Vagina Monologues performance, and more. 

  • Provide peer counseling and referrals to LGBTQIA+ friendly professionals who can offer support, guidance and resources for various needs and challenges. Whether you need help with coming out, coping with discrimination, finding a therapist, or accessing health care, we are here for you.

  • Conduct workshops and trainings on LGBTQIA+ topics for schools, businesses, and organizations who want to learn more about the diverse experiences and perspectives of our community. We cover topics such as LGBTQIA+ history, terminology, allyship, inclusion and anti-bullying.

  • Open a queer business startup space in the center of Downtown New Bern, NC, where LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs can access mentorship, funding, networking and co-working opportunities. We want to foster a culture of innovation and creativity among our community members and help them turn their dreams into reality.

  • Advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and policies at the local and state level by raising awareness, mobilizing support and engaging with decision-makers. We want to ensure that our community is protected from discrimination, violence and harassment in all aspects of life, such as education, employment, housing and health care.

  • Open and operate an LGBTQIA+ affirming clinic in New Bern, NC, that will provide gender-affirming health care and be an invaluable medical resource for eastern North Carolinians. Our clinic will be led by Cher Durham, a nurse practitioner and midwife who is also the acting executive director of 1ENC Pride. Our clinic will offer services such as hormone therapy, HIV testing and prevention, STI screening and treatment, mental health counseling and more.


We invite you to join us in our mission to make Eastern North Carolina a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone. You can support us by donating, volunteering, attending our events or spreading the word. Together, we can make a difference! 🌈

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